Top 8 Gadgets we Watched in 2019

November 17, 2019 0 Comment

While the year is up to its end and soon the next year will start. This year gave us pretty good things to talk about and to learn about. Some of the cool gadgets of this year was a great success and a huge step forward. I’m pretty tech companies will keep evolving them next year too. But before we take a step forward we should really look back in the past. The Tech companies made pretty cool Gadgets and pretty great things in 2019. Some of them were like

Lenovo smart clock with Google assistant:

Talk about simplicity at its best this clock gives you that. It’s not some great clock that will give you video streaming, that will help you see your facebook notification the idea was that this clock should do what a clock was supposed to do. But in a modern way, we are more strangers to these kinds of things, but the best thing is that this will not make you distracted with other things you can concentrate only on your needs. But if you need other things like a reminder of some dates or notes use the google assistance that you get in this you can do a lot more.

Mobile juice pack access:

One of the most useful products and gadgets in the whole year must be this. If you are an iPhone user you must have heard of this mobile juice pack access this portable charging case can give you a battery life of 31 hours and it can be charged by any wireless charger there. It comes with a sleek design that is also very good for protecting your iPhone.

Waverly ambassador translator:

Many people love to travel and when they do they have a problem with the language barrier. Because not every place speaks English there many countries were only a few people speak English. So this was the most helpful and useful gadget that was created some purpose for that. No matter where you are or what language you need to get translated. This gadget will do that on the spot, so you can understand what the other person is saying, the technology still updating and evolving but you can get the early version right now too.

Ember 14oz temperature control mug:

Talk about a mug that keeps your beverage hot and in its own temperature. The mug uses internal heat technology to keep your drinks hot and can keep them hot for an hour or so. The mug is perfect for people who love to have caffeine while they are working or when they reading as you want to get sips in between. I’m a huge fan of coffee and I like it hot for sure. That’s why I love this gadget and it’s really great for the people who just love to have their morning routine get started with a hot cup of coffee.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses:

This particular gadget has changed the world of sunglasses. I mean come on, how many sunglasses will go to play the music for you? I bet none, but this will the Bose company made amazing sunglass with earbuds inside and Bluetooth connectivity option. They just took a step in the sunglasses field and said we will still do our thing that we known for, that is technology and boom here’s the amazing audio sunglass for you. Don’t worry if you think it will be weird when people hear me. Nope, when you play music, you will only be the one who will be hearing it. And if you don’t like the frame no worries they got one with round edges too so check it out.

Beats power beats pro:

These are the new future of earphones. The beats power beats pro totally wireless earphones will make your workout super amazing with the best sound quality. The sound quality like this you will not get in other sports earphones with a perfect fit for anyone’s ears. The battery life is great the sound is great the design is great the quality of the earphone itself is great. You also get a charging case with it, what else you need.

Nreal light mixed reality glasses:

Try mixing the real world with the virtual world. These glasses will do that for you when you see through these glasses you will get a virtual overlay on the world.

Samsung 55 the frame QLED smart 4k TV:

This is a great tech by Samsung as they give you now a TV where you get the best quality and when you don’t want anything to see the television will just get some great painting for you on the display with its 4k quality to give your wall a decorative look and make itself into a digital painting frame.…