The Best Dog Breeds for You Based on Your Lifestyle

November 12, 2019 0 Comment


There is no doubt on the fact that dogs are our best friends. We have been hearing this since we are children, and have read about this as well. But, have you ever wondered that what kind of dog should you have for yourself?

What happens most of the times is that whenever we think of getting a dog for ourselves, we just go out and adopt any breed of dog that kind of suits our eye. But, is this the right way of having a new puppy? No. Just imagine, will any dog be able to adapt to any lifestyle just randomly? Why not buying a dog which can suit our lifestyle? Having a dog just like us would be great! Isn’t it?

Here are some dog breeds based on the different lifestyle of people. You can go for the one according to your lifestyle, unless you have other plans!

For eccentric ones, it is Afghan hound


So, who is an eccentric person? He is someone who seems a little unconventional at first sight. These kinds of people mostly prefer to stay at home and do not spend much time in public. Because they think that people think that they are a bit odd! Well, let’s not go to that topic. The best dog breed for these people will be the Afghan hound. When you get a first look at it, it may seem a bit odd looking to you as well! But, not going on the looks, these are very powerful and agile hounds beneath a silk coat and stand as tall as about 27-inches till shoulder! And, it is able to relate!

For protectors, it’s the Rhodesian ridgeback


There are many people who are born protectors. They always make sure that there is no harm caused to any of their loved ones. And, the Rhodesian ridgeback just does the same. It’s a powerful and large dog which is born as a hunter, but is a family protector too! Studies say that it can go to any extent to protect its family. So strangers at your home are now in great danger!

For the rule followers, it’s the German shepherd


There are certain people who do not even walk on their own wish. They obey everything that is told to them and rules, for them, are life. It’s great, being honest and humble is great! So, add a partner to your side. The German shepherd is the indispensable member of the police department, and is the renowned rule follower. This breed answers the owner’s call swiftly and is always ready to do any task given to it.

For the divas, it is the Shih tzu


Yeah, the beautiful divas in your family have their own dog breed as well! We very well know that most of the girls are fond of makeup and spend hours before the mirror. Guess what! The Shih tzu will be a very good companion for your mirror hours! On your first look, you will get the idea about how much maintenance this dog needs. So, you both will be happy camping together before the mirror for hours!

For the fearless, it’s the Doberman pinscher


All of you, who are fearless and don’t get scared easily, I’m talking to you now. If you plan for buying a dog, blindly go for the Doberman pinscher. This breed of dogs is well known for its alertness, loyalty and fearlessness. This makes it an idle demand in war and police stations. So next time you are feeling brave, keep your big companion with you for extra bravery!

For the even-keeled, it’s the Pug


Man! If you love toys and dogs, and want both of them combined together, then the Pug is the right choice for you. There is no hesitation about these dogs being the living toys. The wrinkled face and the short, stumpy legs are the most lovable traits in this dog. And, as an addition, these are even-tempered as well!

For the shy ones, it’s the Rottweiler


Many of us must have encountered with people who are very shy and don’t like anybody’s company. Right? So, are you not a fan of meeting new folks? The Rottweiler isn’t either. These dogs are super protective and loyal, and don’t like to introduce themselves to strangers easily. So strangers coming to your house should be aware! And once they mingle with somebody, they are not going to leave them forever! Good company, right?

For the ultimate loyals, it’s the Akita


Are you among those who would die for your friends or loved ones? Or those who would be profoundly loyal to those who have earned it? Then the Akita is the canine version of yours buddy! These are extremely cute and low-key dogs and are profoundly loyal to their owners. They will stick with you everywhere you go, everything you do. But, you have to earn the loyalty first!

For the lazy pillows, it’s the Basset hound


I’m not feeling like working today, I will just lie on the couch now. Oh, where’s my doggy? Looking for some companion like that? We present to you, the Basset hound. While hounds are renowned for their activeness on field, there is the brother Basset which prefers to stay indoors and lie on the couch all day long. Their superpower of lying on the same spot for countless hours makes them an idle choice for lazy pillows. But, they are super active when on the field as well!

For the adventurers, it’s the Bernese mountain dog


If you are a kind of person who loves mountaineering or trekking and never stays indoors, the Bernese can be your idle companion. You can never keep this one indoors for a moment. They like running and playing outside and are always in work-mode. So next time you are going for a trek, don’t forget your partner who’s equally energetic.

For the smarter ones, it’s the Poodle


Yeah, the Poodle may seem a bit arrogant and full of pride, but please don’t get them wrong. They just think they are smarter than others. If you also think so, then get one Poodle for you. Of course, two brains are always better than one, is not it?…