Top 8 Gadgets we Watched in 2019

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While the year is up to its end and soon the next year will start. This year gave us pretty good things to talk about and to learn about. Some of the cool gadgets of this year was a great success and a huge step forward. I’m pretty tech companies will keep evolving them next year too. But before we take a step forward we should really look back in the past. The Tech companies made pretty cool Gadgets and pretty great things in 2019. Some of them were like

Lenovo smart clock with Google assistant:

Talk about simplicity at its best this clock gives you that. It’s not some great clock that will give you video streaming, that will help you see your facebook notification the idea was that this clock should do what a clock was supposed to do. But in a modern way, we are more strangers to these kinds of things, but the best thing is that this will not make you distracted with other things you can concentrate only on your needs. But if you need other things like a reminder of some dates or notes use the google assistance that you get in this you can do a lot more.

Mobile juice pack access:

One of the most useful products and gadgets in the whole year must be this. If you are an iPhone user you must have heard of this mobile juice pack access this portable charging case can give you a battery life of 31 hours and it can be charged by any wireless charger there. It comes with a sleek design that is also very good for protecting your iPhone.

Waverly ambassador translator:

Many people love to travel and when they do they have a problem with the language barrier. Because not every place speaks English there many countries were only a few people speak English. So this was the most helpful and useful gadget that was created some purpose for that. No matter where you are or what language you need to get translated. This gadget will do that on the spot, so you can understand what the other person is saying, the technology still updating and evolving but you can get the early version right now too.

Ember 14oz temperature control mug:

Talk about a mug that keeps your beverage hot and in its own temperature. The mug uses internal heat technology to keep your drinks hot and can keep them hot for an hour or so. The mug is perfect for people who love to have caffeine while they are working or when they reading as you want to get sips in between. I’m a huge fan of coffee and I like it hot for sure. That’s why I love this gadget and it’s really great for the people who just love to have their morning routine get started with a hot cup of coffee.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses:

This particular gadget has changed the world of sunglasses. I mean come on, how many sunglasses will go to play the music for you? I bet none, but this will the Bose company made amazing sunglass with earbuds inside and Bluetooth connectivity option. They just took a step in the sunglasses field and said we will still do our thing that we known for, that is technology and boom here’s the amazing audio sunglass for you. Don’t worry if you think it will be weird when people hear me. Nope, when you play music, you will only be the one who will be hearing it. And if you don’t like the frame no worries they got one with round edges too so check it out.

Beats power beats pro:

These are the new future of earphones. The beats power beats pro totally wireless earphones will make your workout super amazing with the best sound quality. The sound quality like this you will not get in other sports earphones with a perfect fit for anyone’s ears. The battery life is great the sound is great the design is great the quality of the earphone itself is great. You also get a charging case with it, what else you need.

Nreal light mixed reality glasses:

Try mixing the real world with the virtual world. These glasses will do that for you when you see through these glasses you will get a virtual overlay on the world.

Samsung 55 the frame QLED smart 4k TV:

This is a great tech by Samsung as they give you now a TV where you get the best quality and when you don’t want anything to see the television will just get some great painting for you on the display with its 4k quality to give your wall a decorative look and make itself into a digital painting frame.…


The Best Dog Breeds for You Based on Your Lifestyle

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There is no doubt on the fact that dogs are our best friends. We have been hearing this since we are children, and have read about this as well. But, have you ever wondered that what kind of dog should you have for yourself?

What happens most of the times is that whenever we think of getting a dog for ourselves, we just go out and adopt any breed of dog that kind of suits our eye. But, is this the right way of having a new puppy? No. Just imagine, will any dog be able to adapt to any lifestyle just randomly? Why not buying a dog which can suit our lifestyle? Having a dog just like us would be great! Isn’t it?

Here are some dog breeds based on the different lifestyle of people. You can go for the one according to your lifestyle, unless you have other plans!

For eccentric ones, it is Afghan hound


So, who is an eccentric person? He is someone who seems a little unconventional at first sight. These kinds of people mostly prefer to stay at home and do not spend much time in public. Because they think that people think that they are a bit odd! Well, let’s not go to that topic. The best dog breed for these people will be the Afghan hound. When you get a first look at it, it may seem a bit odd looking to you as well! But, not going on the looks, these are very powerful and agile hounds beneath a silk coat and stand as tall as about 27-inches till shoulder! And, it is able to relate!

For protectors, it’s the Rhodesian ridgeback


There are many people who are born protectors. They always make sure that there is no harm caused to any of their loved ones. And, the Rhodesian ridgeback just does the same. It’s a powerful and large dog which is born as a hunter, but is a family protector too! Studies say that it can go to any extent to protect its family. So strangers at your home are now in great danger!

For the rule followers, it’s the German shepherd


There are certain people who do not even walk on their own wish. They obey everything that is told to them and rules, for them, are life. It’s great, being honest and humble is great! So, add a partner to your side. The German shepherd is the indispensable member of the police department, and is the renowned rule follower. This breed answers the owner’s call swiftly and is always ready to do any task given to it.

For the divas, it is the Shih tzu


Yeah, the beautiful divas in your family have their own dog breed as well! We very well know that most of the girls are fond of makeup and spend hours before the mirror. Guess what! The Shih tzu will be a very good companion for your mirror hours! On your first look, you will get the idea about how much maintenance this dog needs. So, you both will be happy camping together before the mirror for hours!

For the fearless, it’s the Doberman pinscher


All of you, who are fearless and don’t get scared easily, I’m talking to you now. If you plan for buying a dog, blindly go for the Doberman pinscher. This breed of dogs is well known for its alertness, loyalty and fearlessness. This makes it an idle demand in war and police stations. So next time you are feeling brave, keep your big companion with you for extra bravery!

For the even-keeled, it’s the Pug


Man! If you love toys and dogs, and want both of them combined together, then the Pug is the right choice for you. There is no hesitation about these dogs being the living toys. The wrinkled face and the short, stumpy legs are the most lovable traits in this dog. And, as an addition, these are even-tempered as well!

For the shy ones, it’s the Rottweiler


Many of us must have encountered with people who are very shy and don’t like anybody’s company. Right? So, are you not a fan of meeting new folks? The Rottweiler isn’t either. These dogs are super protective and loyal, and don’t like to introduce themselves to strangers easily. So strangers coming to your house should be aware! And once they mingle with somebody, they are not going to leave them forever! Good company, right?

For the ultimate loyals, it’s the Akita


Are you among those who would die for your friends or loved ones? Or those who would be profoundly loyal to those who have earned it? Then the Akita is the canine version of yours buddy! These are extremely cute and low-key dogs and are profoundly loyal to their owners. They will stick with you everywhere you go, everything you do. But, you have to earn the loyalty first!

For the lazy pillows, it’s the Basset hound


I’m not feeling like working today, I will just lie on the couch now. Oh, where’s my doggy? Looking for some companion like that? We present to you, the Basset hound. While hounds are renowned for their activeness on field, there is the brother Basset which prefers to stay indoors and lie on the couch all day long. Their superpower of lying on the same spot for countless hours makes them an idle choice for lazy pillows. But, they are super active when on the field as well!

For the adventurers, it’s the Bernese mountain dog


If you are a kind of person who loves mountaineering or trekking and never stays indoors, the Bernese can be your idle companion. You can never keep this one indoors for a moment. They like running and playing outside and are always in work-mode. So next time you are going for a trek, don’t forget your partner who’s equally energetic.

For the smarter ones, it’s the Poodle


Yeah, the Poodle may seem a bit arrogant and full of pride, but please don’t get them wrong. They just think they are smarter than others. If you also think so, then get one Poodle for you. Of course, two brains are always better than one, is not it?…


How to Write an EBook and Make Money (A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners)

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Have you ever thought that you can make money by writing? By just giving written form to your creativity and imagination, you can make a good income. Surprising, is not it? Well, no! You must be reading many kinds of magazines, books or novels and these can be your source of income too!

Gone are the days when people liked reading books and novels; everything has now become digital. And yeah, books have been digitalized too! These have been named eBooks now. And writing and selling eBooks is a good source of income. People prefer eBooks over paperback books because the formers contain a lot of animations and a lot more eye-catchy stuffs.

But when it comes to making money through eBooks, it can’t happen just like that. You have to attract readers to your books to make a sell, and there are several factors which can prove helpful in attracting audience.

Here is a step-by-step guide for beginners about how to make money by writing eBooks –

1. Find content

Yep, finding content for an eBook is the major issue. Imagine you are ready to write an eBook, and you don’t know what to write. That’s awful. You know what; anything you have in your mind can be an eBook! There are no editors who will be examining what you have written. You are the master of your own ideas.

Anything you have floating in your mind, just pen it down. You have ideas about any health related stuff, note it. Or any opinion on any social issue, note it. Even topics like dog care, cooking and all those regular stuff can become your eBook. If you’ve something you like but don’t know about it, it can be an eBook as well! Just read a few articles about those topics and make your own one.

2. Have a catchy title

Along with some content, your eBook also needs a catchy title. The first thing people are going to see is the title and the eBook cover. Leave behind cover for a minute, but the title is what is going to attract people the most. So, always have a catchy title in your mind. Make your title an interrogative one, or an emotionally appealing one or something hilarious. And believe me all these will attract readers to your eBook.

3. Make up headlines

You can’t just an eBook overnight. You have to make some proper plans and work on it. So, the first thing you should do is make outlines of your ideas. In simple words, make headings of the topics you have got in your mind and arrange them in digital note cards. So, it will be easy for you to work out on each card in a proper organized manner.


4. Prepare a writing schedule

A writing schedule is really necessary when you have plans of writing something like eBook and want it to be sold. It is because you can’t just sit down anytime and start writing. Various factors like noises, loud music and other things are going to deviate your mind. So it would be better if you make a writing schedule and implement it.

Look at the number of outlines you have and divide them by the number of days you want to complete the eBook in. You will get a number, and that will be your outlines per day. Also, try to go late to bed or rise early for writing as that will be the time when everyone will be asleep and you will have no disturbances.

5. Edit like a pro

The easiest and cheapest option is to edit the book yourself. While Scrivener, Google Docs, and Word all have decent spell checkers, you’re going to want to run it through something more robust. Use a tool like Gramarly. It’s a free program that not only checks spelling, it makes sure the word choice is correct based on context.

For example – “Their” won’t show up as a misspelled word in Google Docs, but Grammarly will say it’s wrong if your sentence is “the book is over their.” Other features in the free version include grammar checking and vocabulary enhancement. The premium version also checks punctuation, sentence structure, and even style. You can also give a copy of your ebook to friends and family for suggestions.  Have them point out any glaring mistakes they catch.

6. Design an awesome cover

You must have heard, “Never judge a book by its cover”. Well, in the case of eBooks, the myth does not have any importance. eBooks are judged by their covers.

You want to make sure yours looks professional and stand out from the crowd. A quality cover makes your ebook look professional.  It shows you mean business and the content inside is of a high quality. You can take help from sites like 99designs, Freelancer and Fiverr to design your own book cover.


7. Format, Price and Describe

Once the ebook is written, you’re going to need to convert it to the Kindle format before publishing. Most people read ebooks over physical books because of the price.  This is where ebooks have a distinct advantage. Because there aren’t any physical materials to buy, the cost of those materials doesn’t have to be taken into consideration. The price can be whatever you want it to be. After the cover and title, the ebook description is the next thing your potential buyer is going to see/read. You need a good description to entice them to buy the ebook. Take your time!  This is an important one to get right. A good description will go a long ways.

8. Getting reviews

Yes, reviews are really necessary before you publish an eBook. These reviews will let you know if your book is good to go, or if it needs any more changes. One of the best techniques to get reviews is to distribute some copies to some of your family members and friends. Good reviews mean other people have bought your ebook and found it useful.  That tells the potential buyer they should too. It’s social proof your book is good!

9. Marketing and promotion

A little bit of spice is always needed before you cook something good. Similarly, your eBook is also going to need some marketing and promotion. These will help in making your eBook a sensation, so that people will be willing to buy them. People will need reasons about why they should buy your book, and by promoting your book, you are going to give them those reasons!…

An on Treadmill

How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle?

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Why can belly fat be embarrassing?

Imagine that you have a crop top at your side, and you cannot wear the same because you have a loose belly. Love handles can look great when they are minimal. But when it starts to affect your lifestyle and even your active sex life, it can be a little more than embarrassing. Your partner can refuse to stay intimate with you for the same reasons. With this topic of How to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will know how it can be sourced out for you and in the right way too.

How to make sure that your habits are not defining you?

There are habits you need to keep in check to keep in mind that you want to lose your belly fat. So there are things, and certain items which you are doing goes wrong for you, and that is the reason why you are not losing your belly fat. We develop habits from time to time, and it can be tough to let them go in one shot. What you have been doing for an extended period of one year cannot be set aside suddenly. You have to put your heart out to it and make sure that you know the things that you have for yourself. At first, it can feel like you won’t succeed, but trust me when you achieve it at the end of the day, and the feeling is surreal.

Tips for cutting down your belly fat

Mind it; these are just the general tips that will help you to reduce your belly fat. So if you are determined for the same, then you can keep them in mind and go along with these.

Cut down on the soda

Assorted-color Soda Cans

The main element for your belly fat is the sodas that you drink. It is a logical assumption for you, and sometimes it can be the main factor for which your belly is so round and lose. If you are drinking these hazardous substances daily or every other day, then you are in taking the carb quantity for yourself, and this is the main reason as to why your stubborn fat is not leaving your belly. Leave it out and feel the differences later.

Don’t skip the exercise

An on Treadmill

You are lying around at your couch all day and thinking about how you will get rid of the fat? Well, if you don’t want to move around, then your calories will stick around at your stomach. It is better that you hit the gym and get the gains. Exercise will help you to melt down the extra fat, and weight training will tone it down.

Your portion of the food is big

White and Brown Cooked Dish on White Ceramic Bowls

No one is telling you to stop inducing and eating, but you need to understand something. The amount of calories that you intake for yourself needs to be out at the same or at the proportionate amount too. If you don’t do the same, then it can affect your love handles and store the fat there. It is essential that you take care of this and only intake food, which is good enough for you.

Drink water, enough

Fluid Pouring in Pint Glass

You might be tired to hear this for the tenth time today, but you need to start drinking water, at least at a sustainable amount for the rest of the day. Your belly’s fat might be the main reason for it to stick around, and you are skipping to drink water on a timely basis.

Don’t overdo the crunches

Woman Wearing Pink Sports Bra and Black Draw String Pants

Crunches are tremendous, but overdoing might store the fat inside your belly for a long time. Do make sure that you are not overdoing the crunches. It might sound weird, but some people will ensure that they have around 100 crunches a day to keep your belly tight. This is a common misconception, so don’t fall into this trap.

Always try to walk it out

Man Walking Near Body of Water

When you are going somewhere, then you need to stop using all the transports and the public means. You need to walk it out and in the right way for the scope of How to maintain a healthy lifestyle? It will help you to know how to manage your belly fat and have a more robust and much smarter option in your life. It will help you to source out for the best in your life as well if you are walking more and have a great healthy lifestyle.

Manage all your schedule

Photo of Planner and Writing Materials

To have a healthy lifestyle, you need to understand that managing all the programs can work out for you. You need to have good and proper management of the schedule right in place for you. It bestowal help you to know what to do and what not to.

Surround yourself with positivity

Person Doing Thumbs Up

And the main thing which comes with your How to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to surround yourself with a lot of positive source and energy in your life. If you want to stand out, then you need to keep on being motivated in your life, and with the positive energy, you can do the same.

These are the basic things you need to ensure and keep in mind to lose your belly fat. If you understand each and every one of them, then congratulations, you now have a soothing and flat belly. And even your level of self-confidence which has already dropped down low will gain back again.…

Greek Statue

11 Great Gift Ideas for Your Mom

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Your mom is your special friend and a prosperous human being’s life, and if you want to brighten your mom’s face on her special day, then you opt to get the help of this article to 11 Great Gift Ideas for Your Mom.

11 Great Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Here are the top gift ideas you can get her.

A flower bouquet

Close-Up Photo of Assorted Flowers

When it comes to gifting your mom flowers for her anniversary, then you can never go wrong there. Flower bouquets are amazing because they showcase the love that you have for your mom. You can opt for a mismatched bouquet option for your mom if you want. Plus, there are a lot of these items which you can bring on and in the right way. Flowers are a fantastic way to tell them how much they mean to you.

A wall sculpture

Greek Statue

Wall sculptures are generally amusing because they are filled with details and caricatures. You can look out for something romantic if you wish to gift to your mom on her anniversary. Or you can even go with some abstract art which loves even more modern and trendy if you have a fun-filled bedroom. These are the smallest gifts for the anniversary, which shows how much you adore her.

Get her a pillow

Centerpiece on Coffee Table Beside Sofa With Three Pillows

You might have heard about the saying that all the love is shown in a pad because that can be someone’s best friend. Your pillow is the real love of your life because it has seen you being happy, and it had absorbed your tears when you sobbed gently while sleeping on it. Go with the fur filled cushions, which are pink in color. This way, your mom will be happy, and you will be satisfied as well.

Body lotion

White Heart Shape on Human Skin

We are talking about the designer body lotion here. We are not saying to you to bring the store-bought cream for your mom on her anniversary. If you love your mom and want her to be happy, then you should gift this one to her. She will surely love it and wear it every night or after a bath. Body lotions which are expensive tend to last for a more extended period, and they are healthy for your mom to use them.

Wine basket

Four Champagne Flutes With Assorted-color Liquids

What is better than a personalized wine basket as an anniversary gift, right? If you give this to your mom, then it will be so amazing for her. Plus, your mom will be rejoicing in the joy that you bought her something so expensive. Personalized wine baskets are costly, but anniversaries don’t happen every once in a month.

Spa basket

Two Massage Table Near Palm Trees

You are now coming to the main gift that you can give to your mom as an anniversary gift. Well, spa baskets are amazing, and they are specially made for your mom to go wow. So if you have bought something for her like this sort, then you have to give that to her right now. Spa baskets will help your mom to understand how much you genuinely love her.

Chocolates Chocolates, Chocolate, Confiserie, Candy, Nibble

Now tell me something. When can anything ever go wrong with chocolates, right? Just like your special ones, their parents love them too because they are delicious and they pack a tasty snack in everyone’s mouth. But don’t make a mistake in getting a cheap range of chocolates.

A cutlery set

Champagne, Decoration, Dining, Dining Table, Dish

What pleases a woman better than a cutlery set? Well, if you gift your mom a good cutlery set, then they are about to be happy with you. Cutlery sets are amazing, and they can be kept as souvenirs as well on the rack. So make sure that when you are doing your shopping, then you pay extra attention to the details of the set that you are getting from them as well as don’t buy the china sets. They tend to break down quickly.

Gift bags

Made, Paper Bag, Gift, Red, Packed, Bag, Packaging

We all know that everyone loves to have some awesome gift bags. So if that is your idea to send your loved one’s parents some amazing gift bags, then you can go for it. There are a lot of items which are consisted of these gift bags, and this is what makes them so unique.

Prada Bags

When we are talking about gifting, then the Prada bags can never be left out. Do you know why? Because they are a fantastic gift and especially if you are going to meet your social one’s parents. If things get better, then you will have the best opportunity to make your mom smile. Make sure that you go for something classic.

Clothing or materials

Shallow Focus Photography of Clothes

Clothing can never disappoint someone. They are used for all types of occasions, and especially if you are carrying them for your mom, then she will be delighted by it. Clothing materials are a fantastic gift that you can get to your loved one’s family.

These awesome gift ideas are fantastic. But a unique gift that a child can give to her mom is flowers, and if you need on-line flower delivery, then you can always ask for a lot of services to cater to your needs right on the intended timeline too.

These gifts are sure to make your special one’s parents be pleased with you. But if you are thinking of nothing costly, then you can always opt-out for the send flowers option from a lot of sites so that you can make the count for it.…

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The Best Dates Idea for Fall in NYC

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It is the fall season, and it is the time when two hearts meet. And with the help of this article, you will know the best date’s idea for fall in NYC. I really want to help your partner out and want them to have a fantastic time too? Well, follow these tips and get ready for a perfect date night!

Go to the Brooklyn botanic garden

Image result for botanic garden

Want you and your date to have a perfect and personalized meet? Then you need to go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. During the fall time, this place is even more beautiful because all the leaves are dried up, and you can wrap your hands around your date like you are giving them comfort from the chilly, cold weather. It is a perfect idea of a date night.

Have a hop at Jane’s Carousel

Jane’s Carousel, which is located in NYC, is one of the best places where you and your date can have great fun. So if you want a good time with your partner, then this is the way to win their hearts.

A Romantic Dinner is the key

Image result for brooklyn diner

There are a lot of places located in Brooklyn where you and your date can gear up for a romantic dinner. Before picking up the site and the source of it, make sure that you have already reserved seats for you and your date. Once you have done the same, understand what type of food your partner is into. If they are into the kinds of seafood, then order the same. There are a lot of gorgeous options that are tied up in the whole of Brooklyn. You can hit your choice there.

Go in for the Cider Tasting

Image result for cider tasting

Do you know that the time of November is the time of cider tasting in NYC? If you want you and your date to have a good time, then you both can go in for the scope of cider tasting there.

Sit in the Metro-North

You can bring a bottle of champagne for you and your date and can enjoy the evening with the bottle opened located on the open grounds of Metro-North. This is an excellent place to have the biggest date night or evening that you want. Specially meant for the day dates too.

Taste the Apple Pie

Image result for apple pie

If you have watched the Handmaid’s Tale, then you know that tasting the apple pie with your date will be the perfect option for the best date’s idea for fall in NYC. This is a way to win your crush or your date’s heat, as well. Bring them a good pie from this place and make sure that they love the same. You can go in for a lot of apple pies that you want for yourself. There are a lot of options which you can try out here as well.

Want to have a fun pasta-making class?

Do you know what the best date’s idea is to fall in NYC? Well, if you want you and your partner to enjoy the time out, then you can both can opt-in for the pasta making classes here. These are the best ideas that you can choose in for a romantic evening to have in this weather. Plus, your date will have a good time if you want to make some pasta with them. There are a lot of professional and fun classes which are held for couples.

Pick pumpkins for and with your date

The fall is the season for the pumpkins because of Halloween? Well, if you want to have a good time out, then you and your partner can go in for the pumpkin picking, which goes around at this time of the month. This is an excellent activity that you and your date can do here. It will be perfect for you as well since these fantastic options will let you have an ideal source and in the right way so that you and your date both can enjoy the season of the dried.

Rockefeller Center is ready for you

Image result for rockefeller centre

If you like ice skating, then this is the place to be and makes the best dates idea for fall in NYC. This place will help you to have an excellent time out and a perfect fall date night too.

Peeping through leaf looks fun

Do you know what else sounds fun? Well, if you choose to go for leaf peeping with your date in the scope of having a date night or day, then it will help you to have fun. You will feel like kids again.

Ghost tours are fun

You want your date to grab onto you when you are choosing to go for the same. So if you really want to have a good time with your partner, then you should go in for the ghost tours which are out there. These are the excellent tours that can help you and your date to have some spooky time and a thrilling fun and adventure as well. And These scopes to be the best dates idea for fall in NYC. While you and your date have fun, you both can choose another form of activities too.

These are the basic ideas for you and your date to have fun in the fall weather for NYC. Have a well-deserved date night with these sorted out plans.…